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Improve your performance with P.U.R.E.

P.U.R.E. is an athlete development platform with a unique philosophy combined with a market changing “Smart Ball” that tracks: force, speed, spin, height, touch and distance accompanied by an athletes and coaches oriented app to manage the data and create valuable insights.

InsideCoach Smart Ball

Your Personal Coach to improve your performance

A smart soccer ball that provides real-time coaching cues, statistics on touches, passes, kicks, speed, distance & spin.
The Smart Ball is an award-winning motion detection and analysis technology developed in collaboration with coaches and soccer players around the world

It provides real-time coaching cues, statistics, challenges and encouragements tailored to improve player engagement, agility and overall performance.

The App and Platform

Use the realtime P.U.R.E. Coach platform wherever you are

With the P.U.R.E. app, we offer real-time insights in activity and performance based on the data of the ball. Our Application enables the player to measure his progression and focus on specific areas of development, or just have fun in ranking.

The Academy

The P.U.R.E. Academy, personal training for optimal progression

The training courses we offer in our academies for performance improvement are based on our philosophy Power, ­­Uniqueness, Resilience & Ethics (P.U.R.E.) because we believe that talent alone is not enough.

Power to enable you to perform and execute techniques when it counts

Uniqueness takes in account your talent and personal circumstances

Resilience offers you the capacity to quickly recover from challenging situations

Ethics as a guideline, set principles on how we conduct ourselves on and off the pitch

Supporting every aspect of sport talent development.

The P.U.R.E. Methodology delivers support for both the pupil as their trainer and the club.


We combine the Smart Ball data in order to monitor the pupil’s activity and progression. We focus on recognising and developing talent and supporting them to improve their performance so they can reach their goals.


We support their trainers by providing insights they can use and combine this with his own methods of training to enable them to monitor and advise their pupils even outside of the training sessions.


We support the clubs with relevant and valuable data so they can identify and nurture talent at an early stage increasing the percentage of first team players who originate from their own
youth education program.

Bring yourself from

talent to professional

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