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The mobile anchors are placed on a field. The anchors analyze the distance between themselves and automatically set up, within a few seconds, in the 3D scene of the AIRTLS standard software.
The bright LED panels on the mobile field anchors are visible up to 200 meter and add an interactive element to any exercise. The player tags are assigned to show the name of the player in the display on the tag. The tag connects automatically to an assigned heart rate belt. AIRTLS provides a near effortless deployment of the 3D tracking and sensor system. The tag is placed in front of the shinguard to also track the motion of the lower part of the leg. Sprint performance is therefore measured accurately. The loading of the knee joints and muscle can be determined accurately the same way (*To analyse this motion data an enterprise software license is required). The AIRTLS standard software license is available free of charge. There are 4 different types of anchors: Mobile, Field, Field-Solar and long range Horn anchors. A mix of anchor types can be deployed. Simple exercises like juggle and tip tag do not require an anchor. Some sample exercises of the system and the required devices are listed below.

Mobile field system:
An ‘anchor’ refers to a ‘reference point’ for distance measurements using UWB (Ultra Wide Band) radio technology. For example, place 2 ‘anchors’ left and right of the goal. The soccer ball has centimeter accurate tracking + motion sensing. Tap with the ball on the goal post to enter it’s position. The software application will then also show the goal in 3D. The system is easy to carry and/or store in a backpack. Powered by standard 18650 cells and charged via USB-C. A strong LED semi-transparent tube lighting system enables interactive training capabilities. At home or on the move use the portable tracking system. The data from the system is picked up by the mobile app via a streaming Bluetooth® connection Besides UWB positioning there is an option to order tag and anchors with integrated GPS.

Training programmes are co-developed with PURE soccer academy. Setup of the system for training camps on a field takes about 1 minute.

Fixed field system:
Place anchors at the light posts around the field around 4 to 8 meters above the ground. This anchor type is easy to install and powered by daylight (solar panel + battery). No cables. The field system is mainly intended for training and narrowcasting at the local clubs.

Systems can be mixed with the other anchor types like mobile anchors on the field.

Optional 4K, 12 Mega Pixel, 50fps camera (motorised control, 2.8-12mm lens) Data offload wireless: UWB, 5,7GHz, 2,4GHz, 4G
Data offload wired (upon request): 10/100 ethernet
Power: solar powered or upon request: PoE.

Indoor system:
Place around 10 small AIRTLS Sport standard IP67 waterproof anchors +/-3 meter above ground level.

Stadium system:
Place around 10 to 16 directive long range anchors at the upper ring of the stadium.
AIRTLS-Sport standard anchors can be used near the field in case there is no full ring in the stadium. Installation examples can be found in the appendix.

All anchors and tags can connect directly to the free 3D AIRTLS mobile/PC application via Bluetooth® For wired installation ethernet/PoE, WiFi or 4G is used to stream data to and from the AIRTLS cloud. The free AIRTLS 3D software for mobile/PC connects to the AIRTLS cloud data service.

Sport analytics software: free AIRTLS mobile/PC 3D standard software
Cloud based sport analytics
Evaluate, track and compare to peers performance and improvements.
Live 3D graphics and 3D replay of recorded sessions on any smartphone, tablet, PC Windows, linux, android and iOS. AIRTLS sports (release date august 2021)

Windows10-64bit: free Mobile version (android): free

Sport training software
Cloud based training program for teams and individuals. AIRTLS sports beta release november 2021 in cooperation with PURE.


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